Our Senior Management Team is responsible for the behavioural leadership of Contracting. They will set performance measures, monitor and develop improvement proposals to ensure that we remain the contracting solutions provider of choice.

Paddy Murphy, Managing Director of Contracting
Paddy joined Contracting in 2015 from his previous role as General Manager Aggregate Industries USA. Paddy has overall strategic responsibility for the contracting business’ operational safety and commercial excellence.
Darren Checksfield, Business Development Director
Darren joined Aggregate Industries in 2010 with twenty years of industry experience. He is responsible for strategic ‘work winning’; including the development of and maintaining client relationships. Darren is an active member of MPA, CIHT, Highways England’s Category Management Board and Efficiency Steering Group.
Haroon Rashid, North Regional Director
Haroon was appointed North Regional Director in 2017, after developing his leadership skills within the business over the past eight years. He is responsible for all contracting operations in the north. Haroon has a clear commitment to supporting diversity, collaboration, training and development.
Shaun Hillier, South Regional Director
Shaun has held the role of South Regional Director since 2014. Joining Aggregate Industries in 2007 and has 19 years’ industry experience he is responsible for all contracting operations in the south and is committed to ensuring the safety of all operations through implementation of lean, safe and innovative solutions.
John Farrington, Commercial Director
John joined Aggregate Industries in 1998. As Commercial Director, John is responsible for setting commercial strategy; maintaining commercial relationships and implementing change.
Neil Leake, National Technical Manager
Neil joined Aggregate Industries in 2012 and has 30 years of technical experience. As National Technical Director, Neil is responsible for driving quality, innovation and responsible for digital data capture across all of our contracts. He is an active member of MPA, IAT and Highways England’s Design Steering Group.
Mark Mercer, General Manager, Sitebatch Technologies®
Mark was appointed General Manager in 2015. With 25 year’s operational experience, he is responsible for the continuous improvement in Contracting; SiteBatch Technologies®; and operational administration.
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Kari Critchlow
Kari joined the business in 2018.
Dave Dawe, Managing Director of Spadeoak
Dave was appointed the Managing Director of Spadeoak in 2009 from his previous role as Deputy Managing Director. Dave has 29 years of experience within Spadeoak and has overall strategic responsibility for the business’ operational safety and commercial excellence.
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Craig Flowers, National Plant and Transport Manager
Craig joined Aggregate Industries in 2016. With over 20 years of experience in this specialist area, Craig started his career as fitter apprenticeship and has gradually progressed. Craig is responsible for the Ground Probe Radar service; plant & machinery safety innovation & design; and leveling & surveying services.